Abstract Submission (click here)

Extended deadline for submission of full length paper to 31 May 2016

Abstracts must be submitted by using the ISHS Online Submission and Review Tool where authors will be prompted for oral/poster presentation preference. Current rules for International Society for Horticultural Sciences meetings require all abstracts and manuscripts be submitted by their online submission tool. Please, have into account that ISHS charges non-members with the equivalent amount for a one-year-membership. We then warmly encourage attendants to become members of the Society before submission to alleviate this charge and also to have reduced registration fees for the Symposium. New ISHS membership can be applied for by clicking here.

Abstracts should be written in English and length is limited to a maximum of 300 words. They must include information on objectives of the research; approach and methodology, and important research findings. A book of abstracts will be available at the start of Symposium. In due time, full papers from abstracts of invited presentations and of abstracts accepted for oral presentations must be submitted to be published in Acta Horticulturae (for dates, see below in Manuscript submission). In the case of abstracts accepted for poster presentations the full paper will not be required but, if desired by the authors, they are also invited to submit a manuscript to be published in Acta Horticulturae.

A detailed guide to authors for abstract and manuscript submission can be found on ISHS webpage (click here).

Tomato Diseases 2016 Online abstracts Submission tool:

International Society for Horticultural Science membership application site:

ISHS Authors Guide for Abstract and Manuscript Submission Tool:

Manuscript Submission for Acta Horticulturae volume (click here)

Opens 15 February 2016 and Closes 31 May 2016.

Required only for Invited and accepted Oral presentations. Posters authors are also welcomed to submit.

A detailed Guide to Authors can be downloaded from the ISHS website (click here)

Guidelines for oral presentations

  • Oral presentations have a 15 minutes slot – please prepare a PowerPoint presentation that lasts for up to 10-12 minutes maximum to allow 3-5 minutes for discussion after your talk.
 We will give you a warning at 11 minutes so you have a minute to wrap up. We will be very strict about timing and will stop you when your 12 minutes time is up even if you have not finished.
  • It is strongly recommended that all presentations be in Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT), windows-based environment or PDF.
  • We recommend that you bring a backup presentation format to cover the possibility of luggage loss and/or incompatibility.
  • If possible, speakers should meet with the session support the day before their session to upload your slides from USB flash drive / memory stick.
  • Speakers should arrive in the lecture hall 15 min before the session starts.
  • You may use any theme, although we recommend dark text on a light background.
  • PLEASE label your file with your Name and the session number.

Poster Guidelines

  • Posters must be 90 cm (~36 inches) wide by 120 cm (~47 inches) high and legible from a distance of 2m.
  • Posters should be hung by 8:00 am on 13 June and not removed until after 2 pm on 16 June. Poster board will be marked with assigned poster numbers that could be found in the final program book which will be distributed onsite.
  • At least one author per poster must be present for discussion and questions during the official poster sessions and coffee breaks.

Poster printing and on-site delivery service is not available.